Monday, April 5, 2010

Our New Schedule

In order to understand the reason for this new schedule, it would be helpful to look at my previous schedule and the following posts which describe the process I went through before deciding that I should change things a little bit.  This schedule would not work for me if I had not done the following things:

Realized the joy of wholeness in my life
Decided to create an environment that fosters that wholeness
Cleared out distracting toys and activities
Got a new vision for my home in my mind

All of these things have made me realize the need for a new, simpler schedule that better fits my vision.

I also had to set up some new guidelines to help this work.

 Here is what our days will now look like (unless specified, we do all of these things together):

5:45 Wake up
6:00 Exercise (or blog on one weekday)
6:45 Scripture study and journal
7:30 Get ready for our day
8:00 *Breakfast/Clean up
9:00 Family Work
        Devotional (after the work is done)
12:30 Lunch/Clean up
1:30 Free Time (more on this later)
4:30 Dinner Prep (we do most of this in the morning so I sometimes let the kids play with friends between 4 and 5 pm - maybe about twice a week)
5:00 Dinner/Clean up
6:00 Family Time with dad
6:30 Family Reading Time
7:30 Bed Time for the kids (they can read until 8:30)
10:00 Bed Time for me

*We have been doing a lot of memorizing during meal times just because the kids ask to recite the things on their placemats.

We started this today - it was a wonderful day, but kind of different from the schedule :-)  I'll have to write about why that was and how the rest of our week turns out.

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  1. I've been kind of out of it lately as far as blogging goes, but I've just been trying to get caught up, and I have been reading all of the posts you've done over the last few weeks - I've loved every one!

    I wish I had time to comment on each one - as always, you've been so inspiring. Everything you write always rings so true to me (and it makes me miss you!) I love reading about the journey/process you've been on to figure out what's best for your family. Usually I get ideas in my mind of things I want to change, but either I never figure out how to change them, or I try to and then give up. I love the way you've decided to just do it!