Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Journaling Blog

I recently go a new phone with a fun little stylus and found it really convenient for writing in at night when I didn't want to wake my husband by turning on the light. So I started writing in my journal at night electronically.

After writing a few entries this way, I thought I might like to try a journaling app. I tried several, but I finally realized that I really like all that blogger can do - so I started using a blog to journal my thoughts. With each entry, I could think of someone I wanted to share that thought with.

So I decided to try making my journal blog public. I hesitate, and I may change my mind in the future... I want to be really honest with myself, and that can be hard to do when I think others may read it. But I also want to practice being vulnerable and accepting my weakness... so I am going to give it a shot. Please be gentle with your judgement if you go check it our and you have never met me. Feel free to follow it, leave comments and share it with your friends if a thought I write seems like something they could use. I am writing it for myself, but also with the hope that my experiences and thoughts might bless another individual, once in a while, along the way.

It is:

I am not sure how often I will write in this blog since much of what I wrote here came from my journal, but it may be that I find different purposes for each and I come to this blog for those purposes. I guess we'll see.