Sunday, July 31, 2016

Homeless... anyone know a good place to camp? (And pics from the week)

It looks like we'll be getting an offer on our house on Monday. I don't know if we will accept it or how much they plan to offer, but it did get me thinking about planning for being homeless for a while. We are building and our new home won't be ready until around January or February...

I think it would be fun to camp somewhere until the weather gets too cold and then maybe we can go visit family in Texas for a little while (is that okay Riss?) Does anyone have camping spots they'd recommend? Bill thinks we should get a temporary apartment, but I really don't want to pack up and move twice.  Plus it sounds so boring. We are also considering buying a used RV to live in for a few months. Has anyone lived in an RV who has some advice about it?

Here are some fun pics from our week:

Pioneer Day:
Daughters of Pioneer Museum had some fun pioneer activitues

Cassia's namesake's spinning wheel

The cart where Brigham Young stood to say "This is the place."

Then we went to a nearby park for a picnic

We all walked down the river way for a while to cool off
Cassia got her driver's licence
The kids have enjoyed the poster coloring pages from their aunt Bandy.

We'very been going to the park or a friend's house a lot during house showings

We also watched The Green Prince - a fascinating documentary which made us want to read the book, Son of Hamas.

And we watched Batman vs Superman one very late night with some friends. It wasn't as bad as I expected and brought up some good discussion about what happens when we try to bend God's will to fit ours and how that relates to how God can be all good and all powerful and still let bad things happen on this Earth.

20 year reunion with my high-school friends

Then a family art lesson with Bro. Pack

Bill took all the boys to a father-son campout that night so the girls and I went to see our friends preform in Shrek the Musical. They were great!

Parks again during showings and an evening hike to Malen's Peak with Bill and Cassia:

I kind of like having to show our house. It makes us keep it clean and we have excuses to get out all the time.  It may get old after a while, but for now it's been pretty nice.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Educating to Withstand the Constant Bombardment of Half-Truths

The apricots on our tree are ripe!
My friend Sara and I are starting a family school this year. I've been thinking about why, with so many great options and opportunities for education out there, I tend to want to go through the hassle of creating my own (besides that it is kind of fun). I've ran quite a few types of scholar groups. Each one has been a little different.

Part of the reason is that my children change each year and so do their needs. Another reason is that I learn from each group about what sort of things inspire and what sort of things don't. And I think I am seeing more clearly that the world is changing and there are certain things that my kids need to be prepared for.
William and Cassia back from Trek last week

Taken by William's "Pa" while they were at Trek

They need to be prepared for the war on the family - things like gender confusion. I don't just mean people wanting to change their gender, but also their gender role. Women don't want to nurture and men don't want to provide or preside.

Then there's money. Everything seems to be about money. Go to school so you can make money.  Improve your talents so you can sell them. Market yourself. Find your passion so you can make money with it so you can travel and live your dreams.

Me, me, me. It's exhausting. And it's so hard not to get caught up in the fray... "What if being a mother is not enough?" I start to wonder when I get on facebook and see this message almost everywhere I look.

Whatever happened to loosing yourself in service, "freely you have received, freely give", "inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least these..."
Worwood Family Reunion last week

Not that making money is bad. Just when it becomes the motivation for doing what we do. Christ should be our motivation - money is just one of the outcomes we'll be blessed with if it would be good for us and those around us. If I'm having a hard time looking beyond this message to what is really true (that nothing matters more than motherhood; and that worth or influence is not measured by the number of followers I have or the amount of likes) then how can I hope my children see beyond it?

I'm also tired of the constant pressure to pull my family in lots of different directions. "Each child had a unique talent they must pursue at all cost and sacrifice..." so each child is away from his family most of the day "pursuing their talents" - by the time a child is in his teens, family ties are weakest just when they need to be strongest.

Family time needs to be guarded diligently. We shouldn't be so overscheduled that there is no family time during the day.  Electronic devices need to be put away for family time each day. But I digress...

My kids need a different type of education than what is being offered in the world.  They need family time and discussion. They need to understand that world-change starts from within and through serving one's family. They need to know that good people are suffering all over the world, why, and what they can do about it. Most of all, they need time to listen to God and to do whatever he asks.

I know that is what I need as well.

I am so excited that the church is expanding their education programs to serve everyone where the church is organized! Truly what is out there is just not cutting it. Satan is so tricky and is deceiving the hearts of so many people. I pray often that I can discern his traps. I know I am blind to many things I don't see clearly. I know everyone has different paths and they will all look different than mine. We ought not to follow one another, but we can learn from each other's strengths and mistakes. We can look at outcomes. Even so, we will not see clearly without Heavenly guidance and humility.

Sara said something very wise to me the other day as we discussed what we wanted from our group and the bombardment of half-true messages being thrown at us from all directions. She said (paraphrasing): "I find that when I focus on the needs of the people around me and how I can show them love, all of those messages don't matter anymore and I know what I am supposed to do."

Learning to love like God loves.

Didn't I just write a speech about that in my last post? If I could remember to just stay focused on that beautiful task, life would be so clear and sweet. Selfishness is so hard to overcome. It's why we're here.

Here are some pictures from the last weeks:
More Salem Pond:

Cassia and William Trek (most photos by "Pa")

Showing off tricks:

More cute Joy: