Sunday, April 20, 2014

He Believes in Me

I have had a lot of self-doubt lately.  There are only so many times that I can fail at my inspired goals - (for no good reason other than lack of self-discipline) before I start to want to give up on having goals. I don't want to keep failing.  It is easier to go through the motions and not face the reality that I am so weak.

But today, as I pondered on my Savior's love and the terrible pain He suffered for my sake, I remembered that I cannot give up on myself - He never would.

Choosing to give up would be like saying to Him that all that pain and suffering He endured for me was in vain.  I know He believes in me.  If He believes in me than I can trust that I can overcome.  I can trust that I can be strong through Him. And that His atonement has the power to strengthen me through my weaknesses. My weaknesses are gifts that help me grow closer to Him and rely more and more on His grace and love.

As I remembered this today, my heart was filled to overflowing with the peaceful assurance that it is true.  He loves me.  He believes in me.  He wants me back home.  He has provided the path - and that Path is always there for me. It is always there for each of us.

I will try to always remember.