Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trip to Zion and a Great Book

I got to go to one of my favorite places this week with some of my favorite people. I've wanted to hike to Angel' s Landing for a long time so when Bill's brother and sister offered a place to stay so we could hike it with them, I was super excited!

The hike didn't disappoint. Very breathtaking and inspiring. I get nervous at high places, but this place was so beautiful that I didn't have time to think about being scared (except for one time when Cassia got too close to the edge for my comfort!) 

The 3 youngest kids (not including the baby) stayed with my mom and dad over the weekend (because I have the most awesome parents in the world). I missed them, but it was really fun to get to talk to my older kids more without all the interruptions ;-) They are each so fun to talk to with their kind, fun, funny personalities.

Another highlight was a book I got to read during the driving. A friend that I met the day before I left recommended it when we got talkimg about health and healing journeys. I am only 2 (long) chapters into it and it has blessed me immensely! I will never think the same again. I saw a huge impact on relationships this weekend as I practiced living some of the principles in the book. I am much more happy and at peace.

It could be an extremely offensive book too if you take it the wrong way, or if I tried to summarize it. To understand it, you have to move with her progression of thought and experience that led her to her conclusions.  And I don't necessarily agree with everything she says, but there are enough very true and life changing principles in it that I think its very much worth reading! At least if you can take the truth from it that will serve you and choose not to be offended by the rest ;-)

It's a free ebook found here: Healing Through Sanctification of the Heart

At one point on the hike to Angel's Landing, William asked, "Does any one else feel like Nephi?" I said, "Nephi?? Why?" "You know, holding on to the rod?" And then of course I got the song "Hold to the rod" stuck in my head, but I waa glad because it gave me some insight. Like when I heard the kids talking about how the scariest parts were when there was no chain to hold on to, but how the chain made you feel secure. 

Going through life as you hold to the Word of God is much like that. You have no need to worry or fear - you feel secure in the trust that things will be fine and work out for what's best in the end.

And here are some more pictures from May and our awesome weekend:

May 1st: Curiosity Museum

May 2nd:  Hike with Cassia... I am so fortunate to have this glowing soul in my life. I don't want to let her go!

May 9th: Cassia's Senior photo shoot (our friend and next door neighbor took her pictures while I played with our two little ones and had our own photo shoot ;-) )

Vanguard Class activity. Prize to whoever can guess what they are doing!

May 10th - my PJ mask kids playing in the back. 

May 11th: Snow Canyon 

May 12th: Angel's Landing 

Weeping Rock:

Today is mother's day and we are on our way home to celebrate. I love motherhood and all mothers! Especially mine. ❤