Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feeling Blessed, Winter Walks, Preformances

I loved the Christmas devotional I watched today. My favorite talk was about desiring the Holy Ghost with all my heart and the incredible blessings I get when I have that desire. It made me so excited about living with more of that in my heart.

Here is a link to that talk if you missed it.

I am feeling so so blessed today as I look around at my beautiful kids laying in their beds laughing with each other and at my good husband sharing Christmas videos with our baby Joy. She has croup and her hoarse breathing just melts my heart.

We saw my parents today. I just feel such overwhelming love for them. My mom is sick. I love watching my dad take care of her. Then he helps me with my kids and takes care of us too. My parents are the most selfless people.

Our friends' little girl had a birthday today (the friends we are staying with) so we had some donuts and ice cream with them just now. They are SUCH good people! They are so loving and kind. They love to serve and they work hard.  I love living here and learning from their incredible example of a Christ-centered family.

I'm just feeling so grateful for the peace that comes with knowing that God is good, that the world's in His hands, that all things work together for the good of His children. I know He will never leave me comfortless. He loves me. I am grateful I have come to trust Him and His timing so very much.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Winter Walks:

Choir Concert ( Pictures stolen from Karen Phippen on facebook). It was James' first concert ever. I had to bribe him with a treat to get him on stage since he was so nervous. I have 2 kids in each picture. See if you can spot them all...

Helping Backstage at the Anne of Green Gables play:

This is a fun time of year when I get to see the kids preform. I love to see them improve and I love the messages they share. They look so comfortable on stage! I was proud of them and everyone there.

Well, the kids are STILL laughing in their beds so I should probably get off blogger and tell them to go to sleep since they have seminary early in the morning. I do love to hear them laugh. I love that they love each other. The beautiful devotional today was a great reminder of just how blessed I am!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Caught in a Storm, Thanksgiving and Friends

We've had colds going around and yesterday was my turn to catch it. My mind is foggy, but I have some fun pictures from the week I can post even if I can't think or write very well.

 Monday I got to watch the dress rehearsal for Anne of Green Gables. It was a lot of fun - I know some rather talented people :)

We live pretty close to a "Historic Main Street" now so we like to go on walks out there and visit the fun little stores.

I mentioned before that we are living in an RV at our friends' driveway. We spend a lot of time in their house for obvious reasons. On the days we are there,  Sara and I take turns cooking meals and we have jobs assigned to the all the kids. I find it is more fun to cook and clean with friends so it hardly seems like work at all.

 Dallin snuck this time lapse video when he was supposed to be cleaning, but I thought it was kind of fun, see how fast we work together?

We also seem to be able to stay on track better with our devotional, language arts and math. And have more time for creative play...

Fortune Telling Station
Older siblings helping their younger siblings make decorations
We went on a wild hike on Wednesday. It started out pretty nice and normal,  but after we had hiked 2 1/2 miles and we were thinking of turning around,  some clouds suddenly swept in on us - they moved so fast - and we hiked down in fog, then hail, then wind and snow.  It took us a while to get back. It was a fun adventure, but I'm glad my younger kids had chosen to stay home. Here are pictures, it's fun to see the difference between the start of the hike and how we ended!

Once our fingers thawed we were able to slip and slide back home to drink hot chocolate!

We spent Thanksgiving with our friends as well. Like always, they made us all feel welcome admist all their family :-)

Thanksgiving Football Game

"Look over here and smile..."

And we enjoyed some family time on Friday also. More cruising down main street, then a movie (Pete's Dragon) and then to look at Christmas Trees.

"Look over here and smile..."

Some people were tired by the end of the night :)

Today I am feeling grateful for great friends and the beautiful Thanksgiving season that reminds us of how very blessed we are; and prepares us for Christmas where we remember that innocent One who paid the price for all of it. 

Here are some more random pictures and videos: