Evidence for a Young Earth... Wha???? (And pictures from the week)

>> Sunday, September 18, 2016

I talked with some scientists the other day that actually believed that the earth is rather young - like 6-10 thousand years old! I'd heard stuff like this before, but I felt bad for the people who believed it. I assumed that they were stubborn in having to take the Bible so literally and were a little delusional for being so unwilling to see the mounds of evidence everywhere that the world had to be billions of years old.  4.543 billion years old according to google.

But these men I was talking with were extremely intelligent, good, sensible people. They were leaders in their different denominations (most of them LDS) and in their scientific fields. They didn't seem the delusional type. I was forced to ask myself if perhaps they knew something I didn't (given my scientific knowldge, it wasn't a very hard jump to make). They referenced several books and articles as they talked about a variety of things and I would write them down with the intent to read them later.

They showed us a short clip about carbon dating done by a man named Ian Juby. It was fascinating. I went home and watched a few more of his clips (He has a YouTube channel "Wazooloo") . The guy really knew his stuff and he referenced what he said to scholarly scientific studies that you can look at for yourself.

In fact, I realized that the evidence for a world-wide flood forming the geological features we see was as strong (actually quite a lot stronger, imo) than the evidence for slow erosion and weathering processes.

 I saw that for every scientific finding that scientists saw as proof for evolution and an old earth (with the assumption that the present is the key to the past - or that what is causing change now is what caused change back then), other scientists saw as strong proof for creationism and a young earth (with the assumption that there was a catastrophic world wide flood). Assumptions are pretty powerful things aren't they?

Why had I never heard this other side of the argument? It turns out that in order to "separate church and state" schools are only allowed to teach evidence for evolution. If they teach evidence of intelligent design, it would mean they are teaching about God. And even the Bible if the evidence points to a wolrd wide flood. Our state's educational policy states that schools should teach different views on subjects and let the students decide for themselves except when it comes to evolution. Only evidence for evolution is allowed to be taught.

I don't yet know enough to decide where I stand, but I do want to learn more about this side that I had never heard of. So far, the evidence they present is pretty convincing.

I have been watching Complete Creation, 2nd Ed. with Wazooloo. It is divided into 22 parts. I am only on part 6. I'd recommend you start with part 3 if you are curious about evidence. Parts 1 and 2 are more about the history of how this divide came about. I've been watching them as I clean. I want to eventually show them to my kids. I'd like them to hear both sides so they can make an informed decision of where they stand too.

Some more pictures from the week:

1st day of science class:

Yoga in the morning
South Fork in the afternoon

Dallin makes the strangest snacks. Blueberry bagel, mixed berry cream cheeze and fish crackers

My little scientists

I thought the river bottom looked pretty cool
Wednesday hike with my hiking budy:

Witch's park on Thursday:
(I don't know the park's real name, but we made some assumptions based on observation and found lots of evidence that a witch lives in it, so we renamed it). 😉

Her hair

Her wand

Her cauldron 

Her hair tangled in a tree (evidence she leaves the river)

Her watchful eyes
When we weren't finding witch evidence, there was climbing, running, playing...

On Friday we got to visit with some refugees from Pakistan,  but I will write more about them later. There was a little x-box that night too.

I got to go in a hike by myself and then out to eat with my parents, brother and his wife in Salt Lake on Saturday. A family friend and hero passed away and we wanted to get together. Then of course, the game that night.

Nice week. Something I have been learning to do lately is to be still. It has been very good. I often pray and move to the next thing. I don't often take the time to listen. I am finding that being still is a powerful tool of joy and of learning to love. I will probably write more about that lesson later too.


Where the Winning Starts

>> Sunday, September 11, 2016

Glen Park up Provo Canyon on Tuesday
For some reason I was feeling rather anxious about things this morning... the new house, the decisions we are making, parenting. I was able to go out on a hike though, which helped me pull out of myself and connect to God.  Everything in nature reminds me how much He loves me.

I watched a presentation about evolution on Thursday. One of my favorite parts was when he showed pictures of nature and asked if it looked like erosion/weathering or like someone had been there and made it (signs of intelligence). He showed some cool rock formations and some sculptures. Then he showed a gear, then several gears connected - obviously not erosion but intelligent design. Then he showed some gears that were actually magnified gears an an insect's legs.

Looking at anything closely enough - the details and the beauty - makes it reallly hard to not believe in a designer. Everything whispers that there is a God. And that He loves us, wants to connect with us and give us His joy and love.  I love that our Heavenly Father has given us so so many ways to be close to Him.
Green Pond Hike on Wednesday with friends
As I was hiking down I remembered a few weeks ago when I had been feeling anxious and had needed to connect to God. I wrote about it then, but didn't publish it. I've been judged for being too hard on myself before, so I hesitate to post this stuff, but I think I will. I don't get anxious in the way some might think I do. It's not a fearful anxiety.

It's like when you try to make something cool for your mom, but it turns out kind of lame. You are not afraid she will be mad at you. You're just frustrated with yourself that it's not what you hoped it would be. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that, just like my mom, my Heavenly Father loves me and my offering even when it's not what I pictured - and He wants me to be happy with it too - because I tried. Anyway, here is what I wrote that day I was feeling anxious:

"I just got out of the temple, I'm waiting for my kids and friends to be done.  I have been feeling very anxious today. I feel unorganized, scattered, out of control in many areas of my life. I haven't cooked a real meal in weeks, I feel like things are kind of out of control with the house we are building, I don't feel like I'm giving all my kids the attention they deserve from me. I'm not being the most caring wife, I'm allowing too much media in my home, I am not ready for the school year, I'm not disciplined enough to follow through with my schedule goals. I'm kind of a homemaker mess right now.

I do some things well...the house isn't a disaster, the laundry is not too full, I played with Joy today and tried to listen to the boys, I made it to the temple...

I needed the temple for peace today. It is so nice being here!

I am so so weak on my own. I really can't follow through on any goals. I give in to temptation so easily. I was pondering on this fact just now and a scripture came to my mind...  I had read it earlier and I had compared it to what is going on in Palestine/Israel.  (We just listened to a speaker from Palestine who told us some of what has been happening there. It's pretty awful and a solution seems impossible. The only answer she could see was for the gospel to enter the hearts of the people there.) As I read Mosiah chapter 21, these words struck me:

 "and now the afflictions of the Nephitest were great, and there was no way that they could deliver themselves out of their hands, for they were surrounded on every side...they began to be desirous to go against them to battle...and they went forth against the Laminites to drive them out of the land... and the Lamanites did beat them,...and they went again to battle, but they were driven back again, suffering much loss...and they went again even the third time, and suffered in the like manner... 
And they did humble themselves even to the dust, subjecting themselves to the yoke of bondage, submitting themselves to be smitten, and to be driven to and from, and burdened, according to the desires of their enemies. 
And they did humble themselves, even in the depths of humility;and they did cry mightily unto God yea, even all the day long did they cry unto their God, that he would deliver them out of their afflictions. And now the Lord was slow to hear their cries because of their iniquities; 
nevertheless the Lord did hear their cries, and began to soften the hearts of the Lamanites that they began to ease their burdens; yet the Lord did not see fit to deliver them out of bondage. 
And it came to pass that they began to prosper by degrees in the land, and began to raise grain more abundantly, and flicks, and herds that they did not suffer with hunger... 
And now all the study of Ammon and his people, and king Limhi and his people, was to deliver themselves out of the hands of the Lamanites and from bondage... 
And it came to pass that the people of Limhi did depart by night into the wilderness with their flicks and their herds, and they went round about the land of Shilom in the wilderness, and bent their course toward the land of Zarahemla being led by Ammon and his brethren."
They were free! They tried and tried to beat the enemy on their own (probably with some half-hearted prayers as they went to battle), but it wasn't until they were really humble that the Lord was able to fight the battle for them. It was impossible for them to do it in their own. They had to be humble enough to cry to him "all the day long."
Vivian Park in Provo Canyon Thursday

How do you get that humble? Probably by realizing the reality of the situation. They needed help.

I am surrounded everywhere with temptation... unhealthy food, Internet, contention, mess... temptations to escape, to numb, to ignore it. But I have made a covenant to ALWAYS remember Him. I can't overcome the things that surround me on my own. I have tried and failed again and again. When will I be humble enough to call on God all the day long? To submit to whatever comes my way with a thankful heart and a desire to follow Him?

Is it possible that He would soften the hearts of my family when we don't get along? That He would ease my burdens so that I did not feel a need to numb my feelings when I'm overwhelmed? That I could feel joy with whatever comes my way?

I know it is possible. I have experienced it before. I am feeling it now.

Humility. That's were the winning starts...

(*Here is the link to the presentation I mentioned about Palestine.  It was really good - worth watching with your family if you can:
Part 1: https://youtu.be/2zFRQo9W_-E
Part 2: https://youtu.be/pzsPUWcQlWo
Part 3: https://youtu.be/SUFi3df2SCo )

Here are more pictures from the week:

Glen Park:

The boys started daring each other to put their heads in the water.

Unfortunately I told Dallin I'do do it if he did. But I didn't let them take my picture ;-)

Green Pond:

Lover these dirty faces!

Vivian Park:
More football

Some shopping

Some studying

And playing in the mud

Friday - KIP Academy at Beus Pond 

For our family school we played a game. Each family had to tie their feet to one another's, walk to a finish spot and back, put together a puzzle, and build a balloon tower. The family with the highest balloon tower won.

We talked about how the world will judge us by how fast, tall, successful, etc we are. Then I asked, "How would Christ have judged this game?" Answers included how patient we were with each other, how kind, how loving. 

We discussed how we can be anxiously engaged in a good goal, but that the most important thing is to be seeing others and caring for them.

It was prime picture time! Bright balloons, families tied to each other walking down a beautiful trail... but I forgot to take any 😭 I did get a couple after the activity... another football shot and a deer that snuck up on us.

Our kids learned a bit about themselves during the activity. It have us some things to think about and work on. 

Saturday- Fernwood hike and the game

Here are some from my solo hike today:
View from my pondering spot

The game

It was a beautiful week. I love the changing colors. I just want to be outside whenever possible. I am so thankful for the beauty Christ has given me to help me feel His love and joy.  And I am thankful for his sacrifice for me so that I can grow closer to Him despite my weaknesses. I am so so blessed to have His word to hold to.


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