Coming Alive by Learning to Listen

>> Sunday, October 16, 2016

I have a lot of things in my heart lately. We are going through a lot of changes in our family. I tend to evaluate life in the midst of change.

How is our family? How are our relationships? How can we be more in tune?

Maybe because change also makes it so we have to make lots of decisions. I examine what's most important to me, make sure it's most important to the Lord too, and try to move forward with decisions based on those principles...

Does this choice improve my relationship with God? Does it improve my relationship with my husband? Does it bring us closer together as a family? Will it help our family better do our part in building the Kingdom of God with the gifts He has blessed us with?

I feel like my Heavenly Father is trying to teach me to be still more often. To listen. It is so hard to listen when there is so much to do. But life has taught me that there is always much to do - if I waited to have time to be still, I would never be still. Part of living a God-centered life is making it a priority to listen often even when the to-do list feels pressing.

I have also learned that it is not only busyness that keeps me from listening. It is also distraction. I've been pondering on ways I can keep myself from being distracted so much. I'm not saying I mean to be serious all the time - but I want to be in tune in whatever I am doing - feeling love for the people around me, gratitude for the the moment, joy in the experience - regardless of the circumstances - laundry, dishes, judgement, hurt, feeling ignored.

What do you do to help you eliminate distractions that numb - that keep you from coming alive?

Learning to listen, and then doing what I feel I am prompted to do - that is how I want to live life. I am making some goals for myselft to help me eliminate distractions from my life. I think having this clear "why" to my goals will help me remember to ask for the motivation I will need to keep them.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks:

Stewart Falls:
Fernwood Hike:
KIP Academy (family group):
Picnic at a park where I used to play in elementary school:
Battle Creek Canyon:

Joy trying to "dab"

Sunday Walk in South Weber:
The kids were so awesome during conference this time! I was so impressed with them. They drew, colored and took notes:

Waiting for the kids to get done with choir:
Joy loves baths. She asked me for one and I said no (she already had one or two that day), so she took matters into her own hands outside.. 
Science Class:
Green Pond:
Bike Ride:

Canyon View Park:
That was a lot of pictures, but I had over 500 from the last couple of weeks - so I narrowed it down as best I could :)  Life is certainly not boring with all these cute kids around (:


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