Sunday, August 28, 2016

Grasping on to Summer

This last week, I was kind of rebelling against classes starting and having busier schedules.  I kind of thought I should be preparing for it all, but I didn't want to think about it. So we had a last week of summer vacation instead.  I'm glad.

Monday: hike with Cassia:

Tuesday: at Thanksgiving Point:

Something about those gardens is so rejuvenating. At one point Cassia said, "It's so beautiful, I can hardly stand it, it makes me want to cry!" 

They are constructing a new garden called "The Light of the World" with 30-something life sized sculptures of the Savior at different perioda of His life. We saw some of them - so so beautiful.  I think I'll get a membership when we live closer and go there often. 

Tuesday night: Family Fun Center for a birthday party

Wednesday-Thursday: Logan and Hobbit caves camping trip with the Packs. 

Friday: Back-to-School/Graduation/Not-back-to-school Party:

Saturday: Prepared for next week
Sunday: Family Get-Together

I am starting to feel ready for classes to start. I still want to make time outdoors a priority. It will just have to be more planned out and less spontaneous. I tried to have a simple schedule, but it's pretty busy still - especially with Cassia taking college classes in Orem on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She and William also have seminary Monday-Thursday near Ogden. And our Fridays are packed full with choir,  theater, and our family group. The only other thing is Speech and Debate for William and Voice lessons for Jess. Oh, and a writing class for the 3 oldest and a math class for William.  I plan to listen to great books in the car so we can take advantage of all of those driving hours. It will be good too. Just in a different way than summer. I am excited to exercise my brain a little more :) I spent last night writing out Cultural Literacy flash cards. It was pretty fun  :-)