Thursday, November 29, 2012

Please Be Aware

Whatever direction the education of our children takes will be the direction that our country takes.  Many people know this, including people with agendas that are anti-freedom and who want power to further their cause.  We are too trusting sometimes.  Please take time to inform yourself about what is going on with our country's education system! Even if you think you can't do anything about it anyway - being informed IS doing something.  You can even go the extra mile and share the information with someone else.

Here are some videos to help you get the basics of what is going on.  She doesn't dumb it down for us so I wasn't familiar with everything she referred to, but it is easy to research those things I wanted to know more about, but even without any extra research the videos themselves tell you the basic information you should be aware of in regards to the direction of education in our country.

There are 5 videos but the total running time is only 30 minutes.  Just listen as you wash dishes or fold laundry.  It is worth your time.
(I do wish she wasn't quite so blunt in the first video since it has the tendency to turn some people off, but the information is important).

I don't want to sound like a nut with all of my concern, but I do feel I would be adding to the problem if I just sat back and did nothing when I see the downward spiral we are embarking upon.  Writing a blog post isn't much, but at least it's something right?


I know most people have other things to be thinking about, but if you want to know more, another great website (not just for Utahns) is It's where I saw the videos (after a great friend sent me the link). Please take the time to watch and share.


  1. I shared this on fb and posted a link to this on two of my blogs. Thanks for the info!